'Kingdom Hearts 3' News & Update: Sora Action Figure Unveils New Story; What To Expect On Release Date [VIDEO]


Every piece of information regarding Square Enix' "Kingdom Hearts 3" has had fans raving all over the internet. The highly-anticipated action role-playing game recently caught the attention of its fans as new information regarding one of its main characters have recently been unveiled. On top of this, fans have already been speculating on what they can expect once the game hits its targeted release date, according to sources.

Fans are well aware of a video game's success trickling over to its action-figure iterations. As such, it is but logical for Square Enix' Play Arts to release an action-figure of Sora, the main protagonist of "Kingdom Hearts 3," as detailed in the studio's official webstore.

Moreover, it was also reported that the "Kingdom Hearts 3 Play Arts -Kai- Sora" action-figure will be hitting the stores on Jan. 30, 2017, an earlier release date than the expected video game, Crunchyroll reported.

It was also mentioned by Crunchyroll that additional information about the upcoming installment can be drawn from the packaging of the action-figure itself, courtesy of a picture that was leaked over on Twitter by a user named AkiraMiz.

The text written on the packaging tells in detail the story of a more matured Sora, who was said to have grown to a dashing young man amidst the numerous battles and adventures he has fought in.

Furthermore, it recounts Sora realizing that the events are turning out exactly as how Master Xehanort has foreseen it, and that the final bout between good and evil is about to come in the second Keyblade War. As such, it was elaborated further on that Sora and his companions must go on a journey to find key items and characters in order to foil the nefarious plans of Master Xehanort.

In addition to this, recent screenshots of the game has garnered tons of speculations from fans on what they could expect from the coming "Kingdom Hearts 3," University Herald learned. In it, the source summarizes that the screenshots unveiled by Square Enix hinted to fans that there might be a new Drive Form, weapon, and an entirely unreleased world.

With the recent screenshots and leaked photo of the action-figure surfacing around the web, fans can only expect great things ahead as "Kingdom Hearts 3" hits its targeted release date.

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