'Monster Hunter XX' Releases Official Box Art & Limited Edition; Will It Be Available On Nintendo Switch? [VIDEO]


Fans of the Japanese-based company, Capcom, are well familiar with its well-renowned franchise, "Monster Hunter." As such,recent news of its latest installment has further revealed that the company already disclosed a few details about the game. Moreover, there seems to be some discussion as to whether the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch.

It was first announced during the Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct broadcast in October that the latest installment of the franchise was a Japanese-release of "Monster Hunter XX" (or otherwise called as "Double Cross"), IGN reported.

As stated further by the same publication, the latest installment is a continuation of the franchise's tradition of releasing an "Ultimate" version of its game before another sequel is dished out.

Also, it was mentioned that "Monster Hunter XX" is slated for a March 18, 2017 release date, wherein a new Airship-based hub village, a G-rank difficulty level, a reprisal of some well-known monsters (like Barioth and Barroth) and an unnamed monster will be included in the game.

With this, more details of the game were also disclosed as the official box art and limited edition of "Monster Hunter XX" was recently revealed, Hardcore Gamer reported. It was listed thereon that the limited edition of the game will include the following: a copy of the game, a five-track soundtrack, production notes book, and a themed carrying case.

As for the gameplay, it was pointed out that the latest installment will include a new feature to the game. It was stated that "Monster Hunters XX" will include two new Hunter Styles. It's also imperative to take note that Capcom also reassured fans that players of "Monster Hunter X" will be able to port their saved games to the new version.

In other news, it was also suggested by Forbes that the game will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Although it did understand the fact the "Monster Hunter XX" is based on a similar asset and engine to its predecessors on the Nintendo 3DS, the same publication reported that it would be a missed opportunity for them if the game wasn't included in the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

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