'Kingdom Hearts 3' News: Fan Speculations On The Latest Screenshots & Update On Release Date [VIDEO]


Fans have been eagerly waiting for every news and update regarding Square Enix' "Kingdom Hearts 3." Recently, the game studio's avid fans were treated with a few screenshots that sparked rumors and speculations about new locations, latest Drive Forms, and even to the game's release date, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Square Enix, who is also responsible for other successful video games like "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest," has released two new screenshots relating to the development of "Kingdom Hearts 3," Gamesradar reported.

In one of the screenshots, Sora was seen wielding a modified version of Hercules' shield. It hinted towards the return of Drive Forms. These are special abilities of a character used or triggered by players that alter the appearance and enhances the character's skills, Gamesradar learned.

In addition, the second image had fans riddled with excitement as it teased them about a new world to be included in "Kingdome Hearts 3." It was noted that the weapon, which was hidden underneath a white light, was connected to a new world that left no other clues for fans to work with, according to Gamesradar.

The only explanation fans were able to receive from Square Enix regarding the released screenshots was from a tweet from it's official Twitter account.

As such, fans couldn't help but speculate as to other details about the development of "Kingdom Hearts 3" and its release date.

One such speculation is that the release date for "Kingdom Hearts 3" might be around 2017 at the earliest, according to PC Advisor. Although it was rumored to be released last year, the source pointed out that it could not be made possible as Square Enix is also working on "Kingdom Hearts 2.5," which is a remastered version of "Kingdom Hearts 2."

No matter what, fans were definitely more than delighted to have gotten more news and details about "Kingdom Hearts 3" despite the lack of any confirmation regarding its release date.

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