Tech For Education: 5 Alternatives To Apple Macbook Pro 2016


Apple has finally unveiled its Macbook Pro 2016 last month. It was confirmed that the device has a new touch bar, in place of where the traditional function keys are.

The Apple Macbook Pro 2016's OLED Display Touch Bar can help students since it purportedly can be fully-customizable. It means that users can assign a specific function, such as a shortcut to an app, to a button.

The new Apple Macbook Pro 2016 line is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. There were no announcements regarding the iMac, Mac Pro or the Mac Mini.

However, the device does come with a hefty price tag. According to Business Insider, the cheapest Macbook Pro, which is the base 13-inch model, costs $1,500.

The publication noted that it is a "high price to pay" for a device that has "relatively middling specs." Moreover, it does not have the new Touch Bar, too.

Business Insider compiled a list of the five best alternatives to the Apple Macbook Pro 2016. The devices below are powered by Intel Core i7 processors.

1. Dell XPS 13

This device has the closest price tag with the Macbook Pro 2016, at $1,300. It is described as having a "far superior and newer processor for $200 less."

2. Acer Aspire S13

For $1,100, students can get a thinner laptop that has more power than Apple's latest device. It also has more storage and USB 3 ports as well as a USB-C port.

3. Samsung Notebook 9

The 13-inch device by the South Korean tech giant is priced at $940. It has similar specs with a thinner and lighter package than the new Macbook Pro.

4. HP Spectre X360 13t

HP's laptop has a superior and newer processor but is thinner and lighter than the base Macbook Pro. Its screen can rotate 360 degrees. It costs $1,050.

5. HP Spectre

With a $1,250 price tag, HP Spectre has better specs and a lower price tag than Apple's device. It has 3 USB-C ports.

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