Apple Macbook Pro 2016 More Than Twice As Fast As Predecessor


The Apple Macbook Pro 2016 has finally been unveiled. It was confirmed that the device has a new touch bar, in place of where the traditional function keys are.

It was previously reported that the Apple Macbook Pro 2016's OLED Display Touch Bar can help students since it purportedly can be fully-customizable. It means that users can assign a specific function, such as a shortcut to an app, to a button.

With this, students can work easier with the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 because you can now have a shortcut of your frequently used programs or tasks. There were speculations of a "magic keyboard."

According to Quartz, the new Apple Macbook Pro 2016 line is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. There were no announcements regarding the iMac, Mac Pro or the Mac Mini.

The tech giant unveiled a new app for its Apple TV, though. It's called "TV," which serves as an interactive TV guide.

CNN reported that the Apple Macbook Pro 2016's new feature, the OLED Display Touch Bar allows users to control Mac apps using their fingertips. It will also adjust real-time based on what software is being used.

The devices have a trackpad that is double the size of its predecessors. The 13-inch Apple Macbook Pro 2016 is 23 percent smaller, in terms of volume, and thinner than the previous version.

Touch ID will be coming to the device. It is located next to the Touch Bar and can be used for security, such as logging in or switching between users.

The 15-inch Apple Macbook Pro 2016 is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and a new graphics card. The publication noted that it is "more than twice as fast as the previous 15-inch model."

The 13-inch variant will also have improved speed and performance. The company is also making a Macbook Pro with traditional function keys and no Touch Bar.

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