Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Specs: How The Device's 'Magic Keyboard' Will Help College Students


There is a lot of hype surrounding the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 specs. It is rumored that the highly-anticipated device will have a new keyboard design.

It was previously reported that the Apple Macbook 2016 is one of the best computers for students in the market today. It is also frequently seen on campuses. The second-gen upgrade equips the portable device with more power and battery life which is helpful for use in school.

The upcoming Apple Macbook Pro 2016, on the other hand, is rumored to have a new design as well as an OLED Display Touch Bar. It is also believed to be powered by Intel and AMD.

It much-awaited design is expected to have "shallower curves around the edges" and would make the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 much thinner. This is a helpful feature since it would make bringing one's laptop along around campus easier if it's sleeker.

According to Trusted Reviews, a new keyboard design for future Macbook laptops was revealed online through Reddit. It was reported that manufacturing giant Foxconn hosted a demo at the Tsinghua University campus in China. Australian start-up Sonder was present.

What's interesting is that Sonder got famous last year after it revealed a smart keyboard module that feature a backlit e-ink display. This feature allows users to setup the keyboard for frequently used shortcuts and language-swapping.

It was claimed that a Foxconn executive confirmed that Apple's Procurement Board Office "was closing an acquisition" for Sonder. Moreover, DFT (Design for Testing) versions of the new Macbook keyboard module were said to have been shown as well as Apple's 2018 E Ink Magic Keyboard.

If this feature would be included in Apple Macbook Pro 2016's specs, it would be very helpful for students since it will be fully-customizable. It would definitely make working on the laptop faster and easier.

Furthermore, Express reported that fans may not need to wait long for the announcement of the Apple Macbook Pro 2016. The tech giant may unveil its upcoming device on Oct. 25.

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