Education And Technology: Trends That Will Change Learning


Education is evolving along with technology. Students have more tools available for their academic goals nowadays.

Gadgets like the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 and the Google Pixel phone are helping college students. Both educators and students are becoming dependent on these devices to make jj

It was also reported that a new online platform has been developed to provide high school students with free college application tools. It is developed by a group of over 90 selective universities across the nation to equip students with a set of free tools that will help them with the college search process.

Appcessories created a list of nine trends in technology that will change how students learn. These are slowly replacing the traditional classroom setting.

VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality catapulted into mainstream fame this year. Microsoft has already developed the Hololens which is used as a tool in teaching medical courses.


Georgia Institute of Technology introduced teaching assistant Jill Watson to its students. She is an Artificial Intelligence program developed by IBM.

Real-Time Collaboration

Nowadays, interaction between teachers and students is no longer limited to being in the same physical location Google Drive, among others, has made it easier for users to work together on a single project through real-time collaboration.

3D Printing

As soon as this technology gets cheaper and better, it is expected to change the way students learn. Teachers can soon easily print a 3D version of maps and planets.


Wearables are expected to help students learn more about sports and fitness. They can also be used as complementary learning devices in more formal learning environments.

Cloud Computing

This is already helping students and teachers through storage management. It can also be used for real-time collaborations, creating online libraries as well as developing centralized learning hubs.

Open Source Platforms

Massive Open Online Courses have gained popularity with the rise of online education. These courses use content that is taught in traditional universities and make it available for students online.

Video Games

Gaming is also becoming an effective tool for education. It can increase motivation, improve memory and help students actually learn.

Foldables and Rollables

Flexible displays or OLED-based displays are expected to be common in the classroom someday. It can make taking down notes, drawing images and reading content much easier.

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