Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Specs: Here's How It Can Help College Students


The highly-anticipated Apple Macbook Pro 2016 has specs that can be very helpful for college students. The device is rumored to have a November release date.

Tech Times reported that the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 specs are rumored to have a new design as well as an OLED Display Touch Bar. It is also believed to be powered by Intel and AMD.

How will Apple's upcoming laptop help college students with their education? Here are the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 specs and their respective functions for university use.

First, the device's much-awaited redesign is believed to have "shallower curves around the edges" and would make the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 much thinner. This is a helpful feature since it would make bringing one's laptop along easier if it's sleeker. Gone would be the days of lugging around a bulky backpack around the campus.

College students can also choose from the two rumored variants of the Apple Macbook Pro 2016. There is the 13-inch version as well as the 15-inch device to best suit one's needs.

Moreover, one of the most exciting features that is said to be part of the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 specs is an OLED Display Touch Bar. It is speculated to be placed above the number keys of the keyboard, replacing the standard F key functions.

This feature is helpful for students since it purportedly can be fully-customizable. It means that users can assign a specific function, such as a shortcut to an app, to a button. According to Bloomberg, this is on an "as-needed basis." With this, students can work easier with the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 because you can now have a shortcut of your frequently used programs or tasks.

The Apple Macbook Pro 2016 specs are also said to have Intel Skylake chips as well as AMD Polaris units. These high-tech processors will definitely make for a powerful laptop.

There are also speculations that the device will include a TouchID technology. With this, students have a more secure yet easier way of unlocking the device, similar to their iPhones, using their fingers.

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