Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine In Xhibition Kitchen: Emphasizing Importance Of Food In Academics


Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a kitchen with a celebrity chef like Robert Irvine?

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine recently taught students how to cook risotto at the Xhibition Kitchen. Known for his shows "Restaurant: Impossible," "Dinner: Impossible" and "The Robert Irvine Show," culinary students get to witness the real meat of cooking.

The Xhibition Kitchen frequently features celebrity, expert and professional chefs several times in a month, states Hunt News. It is located inside Stetson West and holds a vast array of learning opportunities for students by Northeastern.

According to Deb Fantasia, Xhibition Kitchen sticks to the university's experiential learning model. The school does not have a culinary program but they believe that students can learn real-life situations from the chefs they feature.

Attendees get to observe Irvine prepare a pumpkin risotto with barley. If you watch cooking shows on television, it is always a challenge to get risotto right. While cooking, the famous chef pauses to interact with students. But his demonstration is not about food entirely. It is more about his approach to cooking in general.

"Food is supposed to be fun, and it's an integral part of life. We don't eat food to live, we live to eat," Irvine said. He explains that young people nowadays are not eating healthy or have trouble cooking. Because of the time constraints of being in college or university, students do not have the time to really eat good food. He addresses this issue by saying that food is important to academic success.

He stresses that eating less is not the key to weight loss and improved health. "You can budget that money wisely," he says. He gives examples such as incorporating smaller meals on a frequent basis. And when it comes to exam time, you need food.

"If you're tired, you can't sit and do an exam... Or you can't learn, because you're tired and you're hungry," he said. 

Irvine states that food and sleep are the two things university students are failing at. And eating proper food can help.

Check out more of Irvine's recipes below:

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