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’Veep’ Season 6 Star Jonah Ryan Champions Arts Education With The Rest Of The Cast


Do you watch 'Veep'? Then you know Jonah Ryan - or rather the actor who plays Jonah Ryan. Timothy Simons, who acts as the White House liaison to the Vice President Meyer's office in the show 'Veep' is out to "use his influence." This isn't a prelude to 'Veep' season 6.

But talking about the character, at one point he was temporarily fired from the White House for running a blog called 'Ryantology' covering inside information. But he later returned and then drafted to run for that seat in order to secure Meyer's vote in the electoral college. Now, fictionally, he is a congressman. In real life, he is doing something politically inclined too.

But just because 'Veep season 6' is not out yet, doesn't mean Timothy Simons is lounging and vacationing. According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Timothy Simons is involved in the debate surrounding education. And he uses his celebrity powers to launch a campaign called Omaze.

The Omaze campaign sells t-shirts to raise money for arts education. And the rest of the 'Veep' starts support him for it. Actors Matt Walsh, Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus got his back even though his on-screen character is so unlikeable. To show their support, they each wore a gray t-shirt with the phrase "Jonah Ryan for Congress. "

Here is a tweet from Simons himself, using his Twitter handle @timothycsimons.

"The Veep cast can all agree on their disdain for / support of Jonah Ryan! And arts education! Get your tee."

Clearly, this is good use of his on-screen fictional political influence. Proceeds from the sales of the t-shirts will benefit the Los Angeles High School of the Arts. Each t-shirt cost $25.

Will Timothy Simons leave a lasting legacy in the American education world? Maybe he can do a better job than his on-screen role, Jonah Ryans, don't you think?

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