Charlie Puth Celebrates Education With New Piano And Keyboards For School


Does music drive you? For famous singer and song writer Charlie Puth, it does. Puth, a Youtube sensation and Ernie Boch Jr., the CEO, president and spokesman of Boch Enterprises, celebrates music with 'Music Drives Us.'

'Music Drives Us' is a charitable organization that is founded by Boch in 2006. 'Music Drives Us' is a regional project supporting music in the New England area. And it focuses on music preservation, music education, and music awareness.

And to make sure all three foci are realized, recently, they just unveiled a new piano and keyboards at the Josiah Quincy Upper School in Boston coming from the 'Music Drives Us' grant.

Charlie Puth's appearance was on behalf of the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, according to the Boston Globe. The VH1 Save the Music Foundation is another national non profit organization that supports instrumental music education programs in American schools. Partnering with Boch, being one of the foundation's board members, they set out to celebrate music.

Boch himself is a local celebrity in the Greater Boston area. He is passionate about music and he is known for it (aside from advertising and selling cars).

And Charlie Puth himself knows Boston. He graduated from the Berklee College in 2013. He is a son of a music teacher and is known for his perfect pitch. They call his perfect pitch a rare auditory phenomenon that allows him to recreate music without a reference tone. At a young age, he is introduced to classical music and learned how to play the piano at four years old.

For his higher education, he attended the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College, taking jazz piano as a major and classical studies as his minor. In 2013 he graduated from the Berklee College of music where he majored in music production and engineering. Talk about a full circle, his passion for the piano keys brings him to the Josiah Quincy Upper School to champion music.

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