Role Model Celebrity Cop Gets Ellis Elementary School Kindergartener For A Partner

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Before he leaves for the airport, Officer Tommy Norman drops by Ellis Elementary School in Belleville to visit a little boy named Timothy Johnson.

Officer Norman is a known police officer who has gained national attention for his approach to community policing. On his social media outlets, he posts examples of his daily activities and interactions with North Little Rock. This is Norman's effort to change the way people perceive the police. He is so famous that he has already been featured on CNN, New York Times and the Today Show.

Little boys like "Tim Tim" see him as a good role model. Norman calls him "Tim Tim" for short. Timothy Johnson is just one of the many followers of Officer Tommy Norman. The celebrity "Social Media Cop" from Arkansas has his own Wikipedia Page and more than a thousand likes on Facebook.

But he remains grounded and is keen to visit his old buddy. According to BND, Timothy used to live in a neighborhood where Officer Norman used to patrol in, in Arkansas. But what is so special about "Tim Tim"?

"Tim Tim" is featured in countless social media outlets where Norman posts. He is one of Officer Norman's greatest fans.

Principal Dave of Ellis Elementary School in Belleville oversees the visit. He describes it a "very special and moving" event.

Norman posted several videos and photos of the pals meeting again. "He talks about that all the time," says Mrs. Mathenia, Timothy's teacher. The two are clearly amused by each other's presence. During on moment, Norman asks, "Are you a police officer, Tim Tim?" Timothy answers with a head nod and an excited "yep!"

"If you would have told me when my career began in 1998 that I'd be blessed with a platform to inspire, I may have looked at you funny," Norman wrote online. "I'm thankful & most importantly humbled!"

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