Game of Thrones’ Former King Joffrey Is Studying Philosophy And Theology!


You have seen his face on HBO's 'Game of Thrones' and you most likely have despised him and wished him dead. His character in the series after all is just one of the worst in the series. But in real life, Jack Gleeson is so much different from King Joffrey.

After King Joffrey was killed off in 'Game of Thrones', the cast missed him but his viewers didn't. Gone is the misunderstood boy who is thirsty for power and revenge. Now, the actor behind the mean kid is focused on getting a degree.

Born in Cork, Ireland. Gleeson took his education at the Gonzaga college. From there, he took drama classes with his sisters. Until he decided to retire from acting, according to Top Universities. It seems after his stunt in 'Game of Thrones', the actor had a change of heart and dropped his plan to pursue acting. He is now enrolled at the Trinity College in Dublin. At Trinity, he received a scholarship and he is currently taking philosophy and theology.

He believes that the world of show business is not the world for him. So, is he trying to philosophize and rationalize Joffrey's actions? Just kidding! His decision to pursue an academic career once the GOT series ended is something he has been thinking about since 2012. But in 2015, he popped up in the scene once again in the puppetry show 'Bears in Space'. The show premiered in New York.

It is unknown if Gleeson is going to go back into acting. Right now, he is coined and stereotyped as that angry little boy king in the Game of Thrones. Many indicate that he will have to work hard in order to get that image off of his profile. What is interesting is that he chose a degree that is completely different from his first career. How do you find Jack Gleeson as a theologian?

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