MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: Another Surprised Feature is Waiting to Be Unveiled in Oct. 27 – Find Out Here! [VIDEO]


Another surprised feature of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is waiting to be unveiled in the presumed Apple Event happening in Oct. 27. This feature has something to with an elegant keyboard built with transparent keys and a bespoke display - check the details here!

MacBook Pro 2016 "Transparent Keys"

It seems like the rumor about MacBook Pro 2016 feature have say it all but there is one thing the rumongers failed to include, and that is about the elegant keyboard with transparent keys and a bespoke display. This talks about the most popular Sonder keyboard, which is known for its standalone keyboard that costs $199.

Apple is reportedly in the process of collaborating with Sonder for a new technology (which is believed to be a state of the art) of MacBook Pro 2016. According to Slash Gear, the redesigned keyboard is said to be delivering the future at every fingertips and promises new user experience towards convenience.

On the other hand, Apple is perceived to take a piece of the pie in the gaming industry, thus, partnering with Sonder is a great leap. Since high-functioning keyboard is one of the major contributor to great gaming experience, the inclusion of Sonder keyboards to MacBook Pro 2016 is considered as Apple's initial step towards having versatile gaming applications.

MacBook Pro 2016 Features

Another keyboard functionality that is said to come with MacBook Pro 2016 is the OLED panel located above the physical keyboard. According to Mac World, this is where the Dynamic Function Keys (replacement of the physical ones) are situated.

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date

If Oct. 27 is a legitimate date for the unveiling of MacBook Pro 2016, it is presumed that the new Mac will hit the store shelves sometime in December before 2016 ends or first quarter of 2017. As of this moment, no price has been mentioned for the upcoming Macs.


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