Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date: New PC Tablet Runs Redstone OS; Microsoft Will Discontinue Windows? [VIDEO]


The newest OS of Microsoft called Redstone is about to be released together with the Surface Pro 5. Will Redstone replace the long running operating system Windows? 

Surface Pro 5 Specs

Surface Pro 4 was a huge success when it hit the store shelves in 2015 together with Surface Book 2. Now, Microsoft is rumored to have been working on its successor, the Surface Pro 5 that is slated to be released in the spring of 2017 according to CNET.

Under the hood, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will run the Intel Kaby Lake processor. While another wild speculation says that the 2-in-1 PC tablet will run the Redstone OS instead of Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs are expected to be a lot similar with its predecessor the Surface Pro 4 and that includes the support for touchscreen stylus with elegant magnetic attachment. The new device is also said to support an upgraded Surface Pen with rechargeable battery replacing the Triple A's one. The Surface Pen is a well-known anti-thesis to Apple's iPad Pro pen. 

Furthermore, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is also believed to have the USB-C replacing the connectors such as USB 3.0 port, microSD card slot, Mini display port for video and an audio jack. An improved keyboard accessory is also expected to land in the new PC tablet.

No More Windows in the Future

As Microsoft is set to released the Redstone operating system in 2017, rumors suggesting that the Windows maker will discontinue the Windows OS branding and have Windows 10 as the last Windows according to PC World.

In October 26, Microsoft will be holding an event to launch its newest Surface all-in-one PC. Media people have been invited by Microsoft  to be able to show them the future of Windows 10. Alongside the reported discontinuation, support to Windows 10 is expected to run out eventually.

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