Google Pixel Phone Review: Post-Nexus Handsets are Nightmare for Apple; iPhone 7 Sales To Decline after Pixel Phones Released? [VIDEO]


Since Google positioned Pixel and Pixel XL to high-end phones, they are considered threats to Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The new technology of Pixel phones are expected to catch more attention of the buyers that will eventually beat the sales of iPhone 7 in 2016.

Google Pixel Phone with Verizon

Google's partnership with Verizon for the first roll out of Pixel phones resonate the strategy of Apple when the tech giant partnered with AT&T for the iPhone 1. According to Forbes, this wise strategy will generate more sales for Google because of the exclusive availability for constrained demands and Verizon's motivation to sell Pixel phones.

Google has also the possibility to take an advantage on the Galaxy Note 7 recall most especially now that Samsung has official stop the production of the handsets. After Google's event, Pixel phones are now considered by some as one of the best Galaxy Note 7 alternatives aside from iPhone 7 and LGV20.

Nexus is Dead

Another strategy used by Google to get ahead with Apple is the killing off its Nexus brand. During the unveiling of Pixel phones, Google announced the discontinuation of Nexus line up which according to Android Authority a sign of historic change in the mobile phone strategy of the search giant.

It may appear that Pixel phones are not as elegant as Nexus 6P however according to some analyst, the October 4 event will remain a monumental moment for Google. Through Pixel phones, Google's present will be more felt in sourcing components, distribution management, deals of supply chains, establishing relationships with carriers and inventory management.

Pixel Phones Sales in 2016

Google is estimated to generate between 3 million to 4 million sales of Pixel phones before 2016 ends according to Digital Trends. However, the sales won't beat the 60 million estimated sales of iPhone 7 at the end of the year.

Carrier exclusivity is seen as the main reason of the forecast large flat sales of Google Pixel phones. In a survey conducted by Consumer Intelligent Research Partners, it was found out that out of five subscribers, four are likely to stick to their own carrier to upgrade their phones.   

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