Power Rangers Movie Trailer: Plot Similar to Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four; Green Ranger Will Get His Own Spin-Off Series? [VIDEO]


Power Ranger movie trailer has been released during the New York Comic Con and gathered significant feedbacks from the audience. It's a no appearance for the most anticipated green ranger but reports claim that the character is likely to get his own spin-off series.

Power Rangers Movie Trailer

The popular 90's American TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (now called Power Rangers Movie) is back on the big screen featuring the group of detached teenagers who overcome their social insecurities when they received superpowers.  Movie Director Dean Israelite said that fans will find the movie joyful and fun with a feeling of connection the realities of the world, The Guardian reported.

However, Max Landis a writer who was terminated by Dean Israelite has posted his grievances to twitter regarding the movie plot which is a lot similar to Chronicles. He said that he was hired to write for the script of Power Ranger 2017 movie but was immediately fired from the team for unknown reason.

Aside from the Chronicles, it is also noted by critics that the Power Ranger 2017 movie is similar to Fantastic Four and Suicide Squad. The Guardian said that Elizabeth Banks has a resemblance to the sordid looks and unfortunate spirit of Enchantress (played by Cara Delevingne) of Suicide Squad.

Green Ranger is Likely to Happen

The most anticipated appearance of Green Ranger in the Power Ranger movie trailer reboot did not happened. But Jason David Frank of said that hopes are still up for Green Ranger and a spin-off series for his character is likely to happen in 2017, IGN reported.

Furthermore, Frank also hinted about how Green Ranger's role will be look like. Since he is a biggest fan of X-Men, he said that Green Ranger will be the Wolverine of Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Movie Cast  

Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa), Bill Hader (Alpha 5) and Bryan Canston (Zordon) are among the Hollywood stars who will cast in the upcoming movie. Power Rangers Movie will premiere in March 24, 2017. 

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