MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: Apple Q4 Earnings Call Moved to Introduce New Macs; Check October Event 2016 Livestream [VIDEO]


MacBook Pro 2016 release date is finally happening soon, as Apple Q4 earnings call was moved to introduce new Macs at the end of October. Find out where and how to watch the live streaming of the launching event.

Apple Fourth Quarter Earnings Call

Apple has reportedly moved their fourth quarter earnings call two days earlier. Oct. 27 was the original date for sharing the quarterly to the company's shareholders, but it was pushed earlier to Oct. 25, MacWorld reported.

There is no confirmation from Apple regarding the mysterious change in schedule; however, rumors suggest that this may have something to do with the launching of the three presumed products - MacBook Pro 2016, MacBook Air 2016 and iMac 2016.

It's worth mentioning that this is the second time when Apple rescheduled their quarterly earning call, wherein the first one was canceled to have all executive attend the memorial service of board member Bill Campbell.

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date

Aside from the refreshed MacBook Pro 2016, Apple is expected to release two other products - an iMac with AMD graphics and 5k monitor, and MacBook Air with USB-C ports. However, among these products, the sleeker MacBook Pro 2016 is likely to be introduced, 9 to 5 Mac reported.

Other surprises are expected from Apple on the said launching event, which includes information about the presumed iPhone 8 that is due for a 2017 release.

On the same report from MacWorld, it is perceived that the launching event for MacBook Pro 2016 is to basically address the issues on declining sales of iPhone. And having its quarterly earnings call for the fourth quarter in an earlier date is believed to be Apple's way of getting rid from the disappointing earnings.

Apple October 2016 Event Livestream

The livestream of the September event in San Francisco was aired through Apple Insider website where all Apple events from the past are compiled. And there is a high possibility that the livestreaming of the upcoming event can also be watch on the same site. 

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