Blizzard's 'World Of Warcraft [RUMOR]: Blizzard Game Gets More Subscribers, Legion Is The Reason?

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Blizzard's "World Of Craft" has gained a lot of subscribers. Is it because of Legion?

Tom Chilton, "World of Warcraft" designer, revealed to Polish magazine, Pixel, that the game garnered 10 million subscribers, after Blizzard launched its latest expansion, Legion, Polygon reported. It seems this is a good comeback for the gaming company.
In November, Blizzard reported that "World of Craft" subscription dropped to 5.5 million subscribers. The company was reported will not provide subscriber numbers.

In the Pixel interview with Chilton, the designer told the publication that after introducing Legion, the numbers of subscribers skyrocketed to 10.1 million. The designer also mentioned that although the company has internal competitor, "Overwatch," he thinks it is possible that "World Of Craft" would get higher than 12 million.

The news from the Polish magazine sounds good. However, when Polygon tried to reach out to Blizzard to confirm the numbers, the publication learned that there is some kind of misunderstanding on the side of the journalist.

Blizzard did not confirm if the numbers reported are true or not. But they told Polygon that the company's policy includes not to reveal the exact numbers of subscribers. The company believed that Chilton did not reveal it to the publication.

Although the video game developer refuses to give the exact number of subscribers to prove that "World Of Warcraft" performed well, the game was reported sold 3.3 million copies after the launch of its expansion. In a previous report of Polygon, "World of Warcraft" tied with the record set by the "Cataclysm" expansion in 2010.

"World Of Warcraft: Legion" was announced during Gamescon, Mobile and Apps reported. The 7.1 Legion Patch: "Return To Karazhan" features a lot of content, and it includes nine bosses from the original. Players will see Karazhan in the form of a large five-player dungeon,

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