World of Warcraft

Missouri University Study Shows How 'WoW' Players Become Successful Employees [Video]

Apr 19, 2017 AM EDT Video games can equip players with skills that can be useful in the workplace.

World of Warcraft Skills Can Earn That Dream Job, Missouri University Study Suggests [Video]

Apr 17, 2017 PM EDT Missouri University study suggests that playing World of Warcraft can help develop skills that gamers can make use of in landing a job.

‘World Of Warcraft’ 7.1.5 Update Brings New Solo Boss Fights In Brawler’s Guild, Fresh Bonus Events & More

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST Blizzard Entertainment finally released the huge "World of Warcraft" 7.1.5 update. The patch introduces several new features and updates and the comeback of the Brawler's Guild.

‘World Of Warcraft’ Survival Guide For Patch 7.1.5; New Contents Coming Next Week; Boss Raid Schedule Revealed [VIDEO GUIDE]

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST “World of Warcraft” is getting Patch 7.1.5 days before first Micro-Holiday arrives. Learn more about the details here including the Boss hunting schedule – Plus more New Features coming within ...

‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Latest News: What To Expect From ‘Warcraft’ Assassin Zul'jin [Video]

Jan 06, 2017 AM EST Zul'jin is the latest "World of Warcraft" character heading to Blizzard Entertainment's "Heroes of the Storm." The troll warlord was made special by his ability to inflict more damage to opponents ...

‘Heroes of the Storm’ DLC Features Warcraft's Zul'jin; Release Date Revealed [Video]

Dec 23, 2016 PM EST The next "Heroes of the Storm" next DLC has been revealed. Warcraft's Zul'jin is coming to PC in early January 2017.

‘World Of Warcraft’ Nighthold Raid Release Date & More Details: New Naxxramas Servers Launching Soon

Dec 22, 2016 PM EST "World of Warcraft" has welcomed a new content called Nighthold and announced its official release date. Naxxramas, meanwhile, will be under two merged legacy servers in 2017.

Blizzard Offers Black Friday Deals For Several Digital Video Games [VIDEO]

Nov 24, 2016 AM EST Blizzard is offering their fans and players discounts on several digital video games through their online shop during Black Friday week. Their free-to-play strategy game, "Heroes of the Storm," will ...

Blizzard's 'World Of Warcraft [RUMOR]: Blizzard Game Gets More Subscribers, Legion Is The Reason?

Oct 09, 2016 AM EDT Blizzard's 'World Of Warcraft' gets subscribers. Find out why!

'World of Warcraft: Legion' Secrets Uncovered: Hippogryph And Kosumoth Found

Sep 15, 2016 PM EDT Blizzard has always been fond of secrets and a one whopper has been discovered in “World of Warcraft: Legion”.This particular whopper is literally a monster, a sea monster to be exact named ...

‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ Release Date, Updates: 'WoW' Sixth Expansion Gears Up Massive Change In MMORPG Formula; PvP Mode

May 25, 2016 AM EDT Bringing massive changes to MMORPG formula, "World of Warcraft’s" sixth expansion is set to turn up the gaming world on August 30 with "World of Warcraft: Legion" and a specific focus on player ...

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