'Pokemon Go' Launch Struggles Due to Unexpected Amount of Traffic; Learn How To Fix the ‘Unable to Authenticate’ Error. [VIDEO]


Last month, "Pokemon Go" device was launched. However, it is not enough to fix such technical issue as "Pokemon Go" launch suffered because of unexpected amount of traffic.

"Pokemon Go" launch struggled because of unexpected traffic. In a recent report, the app reached 50 times more traffic than expected, IGN reported

According to Luke Stone, Google's Director of Customer Reliability Engineering, he has never "taken part in anything close to the growth that customer Niantic experienced with the launch of Pokémon GO." He added that within 15 minutes of of Pokemon Go launching in Australia and New Zealand, the traffic surpassed Niantic's initial predictions.

It is not surprising why "Pokemon GO" servers had a series of technical issues because servers were always overloaded. The mobile app generated 50 times more traffic on Google Cloud.

Due to servers issues and other technical problems, the publication learned that there are over 70 "Pokemon Go" players filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission since the app was launched.

Despite issues, a UK university, Salford University, allows its students to play the mobile app as part of their degree. Students who are studying the Business Information Technology course at an undergraduate level will have to play "Pokémon Go," Daily Mail reported.

 How to Fix the "Unable to Authenticate" Error?

One of the problems of "Pokemon Go" players is the "Unable to Authenticate" Error. One of the possible causes of this error is because you are banned, but it doesn't mean you are cheating, according to Heavy.

According to the publication, some players used third-party apps. They tried to log into the game with accounts that were not connected to third-party apps, and they found that those accounts were still locked out or broken too.

If you did not violate TOS, but you are still receiving message "Unable to Authenticate," it could be a glitch or an error. To fix this, log out your account and logging back in. If you are using Android phone, try to remove the app from your Google account, then install it again.

Some players suggested (if you are still encountering the same problem) to try to log out and create a Pokemon Trainer Club account. Log in with the new account, and play for a while, then log out.

After that, log in with your regular account. It may not work all the time, but it fixes server and authentication problems sometimes.

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