'Ash vs. Evil' Season 2: Bruce Campbell Talks About 'Creepy Cabin'; Check Out Recap of Episode 1: 'Home', and Episode 2 Promo[VIDEO]


"Ash vs. Evil Dead" Season 2, Episode 1: "Home" was aired on Starz on Oct. 1. After the first episode aired last Sunday, the antagonist Bruce Campbell talked about the "creepy cabin" of the 1981 movie, "The Evil Dead." 

During the interview of The Wrap with Campbell, the lead actor of the TV series was asked by "Drinking With the Stars," host Stuart Brazell about the creepy cabin in Tennessee, which was first appeared on the 1981 movie, "The Evil Dead." Campbell said, "It was legitimately creepy."

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" Season 2, Episode 1: "Home" starts off with Ruby (Lucy Lawless) chased by creatures she summoned. As she read some spells in "The Book of Dead," evil spirits possessed the bodies of the girls who attended the party in Jacksonville.

In the last episode of Season 1, Ruby asked Ash to give "The Book Of Dead," in exchange of letting them start a new life in Jacksonville. However, Ruby wasn't able to control the evil creatures she summoned. That's why she finds a way to make Ash goes back to Elk Grove.

The possessed girls attacked the people in the bar, thus, trigger Ash (Campbell), Pablo (Ray Santiago), and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) fight back. After the bloody incident, Ash and the crew decided to go in his hometown in Elk Grove, Michigan to find Ruby.

Ash, and Pablo and Kelly arrived in Elk Grove, and they meet Ash's father. They were able to locate Ruby with the help of Pablo's vision.

When they found Ruby, they fight the summoned creatures, which called children (of Ruby). Ruby asked a favor to Ash and Kelly and Pablo to help her retrieve the book and send back to hell.

Ruby promised Ash that they will help them go back to Jacksonville again.

So that's what happened in Episode 1, "Home." Meanwhile, "Ash vs. Evil Dead" Season 2, Episode 2, "The Morgue" promo has been released. Watch the video below.

"Ash vs Evil Dead" Season 2, Episode 2, "The Morgue" will be premiered on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 8pm ET/PT on Starz.

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