'Pokemon Omega' and 'Alpha Sapphire' News: Nintendo To Give A Legendary Pokemon, Kaldeo?[VIDEO


Nintendo will soon roll out free Legendary "Pokemon." According to the latest news, this Legendary "Pokemon" for this month is Kaldeo.

The Legendary "Pokemon" will available between Oct. 1 and Oct. 24, according to Cinema Blend. Based on "Pokemon" wiki, in this month, Kaldeo is the free Legendary "Pokemon.

This Mythical "Pokemon" belongs to the water and fighting category. The source added that Kaldeo is just one of the 11 free Legendary pocket monsters being given away by Nintendo throughout 2016. This is for the celebrationof the 20th-anniversary celebration of all things Pokemon.

How to get Kaldeo?

Of course, if you a "Pokemon" player, you'll surely want to get this freebies. If you want to get one, open "Pokemon Omega Ruby" or "Alpha Sapphire," then select "Mystery Gift" from the game menu. Play the game, and you need to talk to the Delivery Woman at any of the accessible Pokemon Centers throughout the game. There is no need to pick a specific Pokemon Center.

After talking to the Delivery woman, you can now access the Pokemon, and get a Wonder Card that can be viewed from the Card Album in the Mystery Gift menu. Players can only hold up to 24 Wonder Cards per cartridge, according to IGN. This means, you can either free up some space by deleting some Wonder Cards or get an additional copy of "Pokemon Omega Ruby" or "Alpha Sapphire."

Kaldeo is one of the newer Mythical Pokemon that added to the library of Pokemon in the long-running series. The character was added to the roster in 2012.

Unlike other Pokemons, Mythical Kaldeo doesn't evolve, however, it has a second form, according to Bulbapedia. Its second form appears like a unicorn-style design.

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