'Pokemon Go' Vs Rio Olympics 2016: Pokemon Interferes With Olympic Fame


Pokemon Go did not intend to interfere with the Rio Olympics 2016 fame but it was just so phenomenal that its popularity broke out on the first day of its launch.

Rio Olympics 2016, the much awaited and highly anticipated worldwide summer games officially opened and started August 5. With years of preparation from the host country and tireless training from the athletes, teams, and coaches, the whole world's eyes are set on Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

However, the fame which was supposed to be on Rio Olympics 2016 was interfered two days before its opening. Pokemon Go was out in the market on August 3 following the months of worthwhile waiting of the Pokemon fanatics, The Venture Beat reported.

Before the Pokemon Go hunt began, several launching dates were given and postponed. One of the reasons behind the cancellation of the launch was the kind of hype it created to fanatics through an email leak and the creators' feared that the excitement created may overload the app.

The repeated postponement on the official Pokemon Go launches stirred up the enthusiasm on the fanatics that it was reported to be downloaded 75 million times from the time of its release.

Pokemon Go has been reported to make $200 million earnings from all across the world breaking the Candy Crush record of $25 million and Clash of Clans that earned $125 million. These figures were taken from each game's first months of earning, The Game Rant reported.

Rio Olympics 2016 athletes did not escape the Pokemon Go phenomenon. In fact, some of them were caught roaming around not for an exercise or training but to catch Pokemon.

Kohei Uchimura, a Japanese gymnast winning two gold medals and the first man claiming back to back all around titles in 40 years said that he has downloaded the app before the Rio Olympics 2016 and does not mind that he has accumulated $5000 on international phone charges because of Pokemon Go.

The Rio Olympics 2016 spirit lives on until the 21st of the month but for Pokemon Go fanatics it is not sure how long the fame will last but for now they will have to say, "gotta catch them all".

Watch this fun video about Pokemon Go at the Rio Olympics 2016.

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