From Teaching To Rio Olympics, Retired Educator Proves That There Is More To Life After Retirement


Carrie Harris Allen, a recently retired California school principal is now on her way to prove that there is more to life after retirement.

On Tuesday, Allen flew with a team to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to witness the Rio Olympics 2016, one of the world's most prestigious events.Not only is she excited about this Rio trip because of the experience but because she will be meeting some people whom she had been together with before having the same passion for sports.

Kori Carter who competed for a 400-meter hurdle at the 2016 Rio Olympics was one of her former students. Allen was the principal at Claremont High when Carter ran to compete and represent the school.

Aside from having a lot of friends competing in sports, Allen herself used to be involved in the said field. She was a former coach for basketball and track race. During her high school and college days, Allen also played basketball and ran track.

Allen's travel to the Rio Olympics is only the first step of the things that she wanted to do in her quest to explore the exciting world of sports. She plans to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame to see Allen Iverson and Shaquille O'Niel.

Allen also wants to take advantage of her retirement to attend the World Cup and also to see Serena Williams.

Carrie Harris Allen served the education system for five decades; 34 years of which as a principal in various schools and the rest as an administrator and teacher.

She is an alumni of the Black Campbell Senior High School and took her undergraduate degree at Tennessee State University and two masters degrees at School of Education at the Claremont Graduate University, The Daytona Times reported.

With sports as her first love, Allen is considering her retirement as an opportunity for her to explore the world she has always loved. Her freedom from her vocation gives her more time to travel and space to discover more about sports, The Ni Direct reported.

Watch this video of people enjoying life after retirement.

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