Rio Olympics 2016, The Truth Behind Athletes' Quest To Olympic Glory Revealed


It's every athlete's desire to be in the Olympic Games and it's every athlete's dream to bring home the Olympic glory. While this is a fact, the truth remains that good things do not always come easy.

To some athletes competing in the Rio Olympics 2016, making their way to Rio De Janeiro was easy with sources for financial aid made available to them. But there are a lot of them who do not only need to enlarge their capacity for training but to provide for their expenses to make it to the competition as well.

Mara Abbott, a cyclist who works at a local farmer's market in Boulder, Colo, considers her day job and training as ways to have a balanced life and to become a more sustainable athlete.

Abbott also teaches yoga and works as a writer in a local newspaper where she writes about her passion for cycling, politics and a lot more.

The six-time pistol shooting Olympian, Emil Milev teaches elementary physical education in Tampa Florida and had to temporarily leave the job to compete for the Rio Olympics 2016.

Kerron Clement, an American hurdler worked as an actor and a model appearing in "Run the World" Beyonce's 2011 hit music video.

Nick Delpopolo, an Olympian competing in judo uses every open opportunity to earn. He teaches judo two hours every day. He also has part-time jobs such as clearing driveways by shoveling snow, working in a clothing store, landscaping, lawn mowing, and babysitting.

He also used technology and social media to aid his athletic pursuit to be able to provide for his expenses on the Rio Olympics 2016. He set up a PayPal link wherein people who want to support his training can send in donations, The Money reported.

Michelle Carter, a shot-putter earns for a living through her job as a freelance makeup artist. She also serves as a beauty consultant for BeautiControl, a beauty sales site.

These athletes are just some of the many Olympians showing the world that it may not be an easy road before they made it to the Rio Olympics 2016 but hard work truly pays off, The News Grio reported.

Watch this video for more stories on the Olympians day job.

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