Google User Experience Design Breaks The UX Gap


Google along with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) developed the first ever Bachelor of Fine Arts in User Experience Design. This is Google's And SCAD's answer to the visible user experience design gap.

As the need for the user experience designer continues to rise, the gap in the design education gets bigger. Employers are having a hard time to fine the right people with the right set of skills to match up with the need as there is no proper training ground to equip user experience designers.

Mike Buzzard, Google's UX design manager said that the course is not just to feed the need of Google alone but a pipeline to create and produce more user experience professionals getting them ready to enter the UX design job market.

BFA in User Experience Design is a four-year undergraduate degree offered only in SCAD as of the moment.

Primarily, the students will have to study about the basics of design, drawing and color theory before advancing to the next level wherein they will have to study about information architecture, typography, math programming, anthropology, art history, logic and more.

Jason Fox, SCAD graphic design department chairman who leads the strategy together with the SCAD's School of Communication Arts, School of Design and School of Digital Media believes that combining traditional creativity and scientific method teaching strengthens the program.

Google and SCAD does not hold the UX course exclusively. They opened the door for other companies to collaborate and add strength to their vision of removing the gap, The Fast Co Design reported.

Google sponsored the Collaborative Learning Center to expose their students to how different companies think, operate and handle problems. This collaboration allows companies such as Microsoft, HP, BMW and Adobe to provide students with case study problems to solve.

BFA in User Experience Design has a total of 26 enrolled students since it was introduced in November of 2015. It may be new in the field but is expected to really grow in the future, The USA Today College reported.

Wath this video to know more about User Experience Design.

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