Google Evangelist, Childhood Lessons, Passage To Better Future For The Next Generation


Have you ever been amazed at how fast Google apps are penetrating the universities and even is making its way to the k through 12 schools?

Behind all these speedy penetrations of technology to the education system, are people tirelessly laboring to make it happen. One of them is Jaime Casap, Google Education Evangelist calling out for cultural change in schools and universities to consider technology as helpmate in equipping the young minds.

He is also a member of the Google Education Team working with other Google teams to help improve the education system, The Business Innovation Factory reported.

Casap's principles in doing his job as an education evangelist are not only driven by the call of his profession. His passion for making education accessible and upgraded for every learner is highly influenced by his childhood battles and struggles.

Casap was born in Hell's Kitchen, New York during the time that the city was not yet fully developed and opportunities for earning were not enough for all. His mother is from Argentina who went to America in the 1960s to escape poverty. His mother is from Syria whom he did not grow up with as he was considered as an unplanned pregnancy.

Being raised by a single mother, Casap had to live on food stamps and welfare which is a common thing in their place as it was not an urban place that time. Growing up in a place where poverty is a part of everyday life, he wanted to find a way out. He concentrated well on his education hoping that this will be an avenue for him to be free from scarcity and eventually change his future.

His hope did not fail him for after years of labor, his life finally changed.Now the Google Education Evangelist wants to use the tools he acquired to make education easier and interesting to the next generation.

By working on strengthening the STEM education by making more and more students work on Chromebooks in their classrooms, Casap believes that these children will be ready to not just answer but give solutions to more futuristic questions such as "What problem do you want to solve?", The NBC News reported.

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