Jesus and Alien Will Invade Earth on 2017 Says Nostradamus and Book of Revelation

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

The internet has been flooded with millions of claims about the coming of Jesus Christ and the end of the world only to find out that they were all baseless information and bogus. However, a doomsday conspiracy theorist in the person of Psychic T. Chase have deciphered the Delphic predictions of Nostradamus and Book of Revelation that aliens will invade the earth by 2017 under the leadership of Jesus Christ.

Massive destructions are surfacing the earth ever since the creation of man and the industrialization of today exacerbate the damage. Hence, resulting to a change in the environmental pattern that caused tragedy and affects human condition such as typhoons and flooding. According to the website Inquisitr, Psychic T. Chase said in a YouTube video, "We are too war-like to govern ourselves peacefully. Humanity is set on an inevitable path to self-destruction and only a hand from above can save us." The psychic also said that a genetic engineering program will be launched by the aliens to re-arrange human DNA and make them peaceful loving individuals.

 On the said day in the year 2017, aliens will be seen riding in gigantic alien spacecraft and destroy humanity through shooting death rays. And after cleansing the earth, alien civilization will rise which according to Psychic T. Chase referred to as "New Jerusalem" in the Book of Revelations Chapter 21. This would happen after defeating Vladimir Putin in the battle of Armageddon where the portal to another civilization is created. Putin is known to be author of World War II where many lives have been taken away. The same source also said that Putin is heading for hell.

This prediction was accepted by the citizens in a skeptic manner but "should come as no surprise" since aliens are reported to have been visiting planet earth for centuries and could be sending a warning to us, according to the website Express.

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