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‘World of Warcraft’ Legion [SPOILER]: Destiny’s Infamous Vendor Xur Spotted as Xur’ios, Sells Gjallar’s Horn and Krota’s Shield


Legion, the upcoming expansion of 'World of Warcraft' is expected to rollout in the streets this month. This is the sixth among the expansions of the famous video game and interesting tweaks are about to surprise the subscribers including the most talked about appearance of the infamous vendor Xur from Bungie's Destiny.

For those who were not familiar with Xur, he is a seller in Destiny who pops out once in a week to offer legendary and exotic items that are not found anywhere in the game such as Mk. 44 Stand Asides which is the Titan's ornate boots. Xur sells items in Destiny in exchange of Motes of Light and Strange Coins. The players find it difficult to find Xur in the game "who never shows up in the same place within the Tower," as reported by Digital Trends. Thus, several websites and apps were created just to locate his spot.

In 'World of Warcraft' Legion, he is named as Xur'ios who plays similar role as a vendor. In an article from Eurogamer, his appearance was described as, "A shady-looking character, much like the original, who is flanked by objects that emit a strange purple glow."

Xur'ios sells interesting variables items such as Gjallar's Horn that costs 50 Curios Coins that can make a player launch a rocket accurately targeted the enemies and caused 340,000 to 460,000 x 5 of fire damage. There is also Krota's Shield a damage absorber that can absorb 2,000,000 x 5 maximum damage. And an Ingram's Puzzle that can be solved by the player to be able to make a random item called Follower Equipment.

Xur'ios, dubbed as the Vaultkeeper of the Void is also called an Ethereal creature. The merchants of his like are usually found in Nagrand, Mana Tombs and Blades Edge's Mountains. And to be able to find Xur'ios, Dalaran is the place where a player must go. He can be found at the back of the building of Bank of Dalaran near Antonidas Memorial.

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