‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews Are Here and They Are the Worst Reviews Made Ever

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The first reviews of the movie 'Suicide Squad' were negative and worse than the movie itself. The fact that the movie was jam-packed with the DC comic villains, the plot doesn't seem so interesting and failed to establish a connection between the viewers and the story.

The plot of the movie revolved around the super villains who were initially recruited by a government agent Amanda Waller. It was her plan to create a team of meta-humans, villainous misfits and sociopaths and from there the story has started to unfold in the most predictable way that brings distastes to the audience.

According to The Daily Beast, the movie fell out of place from DC's gritty urban villains and antiheroes. And it doesn't matter who these super villains are fighting for and why. Indeed, it is apparent that the movie is just forcing the viewers to root for the bad guy. The reviews concerned the writer-director David Ayer and he eventually thought that his characters were much closer to good than evil and it pains the audience to think where the evil lies from the villains.

The audience finds it ironic how a superhero story celebrated a genre of villains and chose the worst villain of all. According to Indie Wire, the movie lack emotional stakes and cited Delevingne's character as a "perfect shit storm of bad decisions."

Also another blatant review from The Hollywood Reporter said, "Unfortunately, the result resembles a sports dream team whose combined efforts don't nearly measure up to the talents of its individual players." And the most scathing review was from Vanity Fair that says, "Suicide squad is bad. Not fun bad. Not redeemable bad. Not the kind of bad that is unfortunate results of artists honorably striving from something ambitious and falling short."

The movie was Given Grade D+ by Indie Wire because of the reasons that the guys don't even know how to be bad.

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