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‘Batman The Telltale Series’ Spoilers]: Introducing the 10 New Villains; Secrets of Bruce Wayne's Parents Revealed!


The upcoming episode of the five-part saga of 'Batman: The Telltale Series' has revealed the long time secret on the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents and introduced the new 10 villains that will invade the city that will add to the destruction brought by Clown Prince of Crime.

The game is expected to be more fun, more challenging and more exciting as the 10 villains will start to invade and put Batman life's at risk. Looking back at Batman's history, these characters may have been underused, according to Button Masher T.O.

The list starts with Wrath, an orphan who wanted to seek vengeance for the death of his father by attacking and killing cops. Next is Hugo Strange, a renowned psychologist who intently studied Batman and eventually became obsessed with him that it reaches the point of wanting to take his place. Next is Hush, Bruce's childhood friend also seeks revenge for the death of his father who allegedly killed by Bruce's father. Next is the man with an irremovable mask Professor Pyg who will come off as a mainline solo villain.

Added to the list of villain is Bane, born in Mexican prison who eventually escaped Gotham because of the strength enhancing drug called Venom. Next is Court of Owls, a society that has a connection with Bruce's history. Then there's Deathstroke, the most notorious assassin in DC who desperately wanted to become a superhuman that he went various experiments just to gain beyond human abilities. The third to the last villain is Two-Face where character is still under wrapped. Second to the last is The Riddler, he is an entertaining villain for Batman. Striving so hard to prove his worth among others and resorted to cheating just to obtain superiority. And the last is Condiment King where the mystery of his character can be traced back to the previous Batman: Animated Series.

Aside from the 10 villains, the series also revealed a brief background of the death of Bruce Wayne's parents. According to The Daily Beast, "Thomas and Martha were in league with the criminal forces they supposedly sought to eradicate." This new episode of Batman has revealed a lot about the man and his daily undertakings during day and night.

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