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New ‘Apple TV Remote App’: The Best of the Siri Remote But Lacks One Functionality


The tech giant company Apple is apparently cannot go by the day without new innovations in mind. This time, they did it again storming the telecommunication and digital sector with their latest Remote app for the fourth-generation Apple TV with new added features that made it dubbed as "the best of the Siri Remote."

The new app is a total replacement of its predecessor the iTunes Remote App and not just a simple upgrade of the previous version. This app is completely new one, replicating almost all the functions of the Siri Remote except for the volume control, according to Tech Times.

Considering that it is a total revamp of the iTunes Remote App, the following features of the new Remote app was listed by Apple Insider:

  • Navigate Apple TV through touch gestures
  • Enter text, e-mail addresses and passwords in a quick manner using keyboard
  • Voice command and dictation to Siri using the microphone of the iOS device (available for latest version of Apple TV)
  • Control the TV show, movies or even song that is playing
  • Play games through the use of gyroscopes and accelerometer
  • Game controls e.g. turning on Game Mode

For device compatibility, this app can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad and iTouch installed with iOS 9.3.2 or later versions. There is also a limitation when it comes to accessibility as it doesn't work with iTunes music playback controls in a nearby Windows PC or Mac. The older version iTunes Remote App is still available and can be downloaded free on the App Store.

It is believed that the launching of the new remote app is to abide with Apple's rule and mandates that third-party apps should be updated to 64-bit as of June 1, 2015 and the iTunes Remote App was said to be not a 64-bit application since December 2015.

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