‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7’ Replaces Passwords with Iris Recognition, Unlocking Phone Thru Eyes

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If there's one outstanding feature that can be noted from the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the spot will goes to the built-iris scanner. This feature has not been leaked online and it seems like it places the device as the top consumer choice when it comes to security issues.

Samsung has proven over the years that it is the top challenger of Apple; though the latter appeared more classy, smartphones are patronized by consumers as an alternative to over-priced iOS devices such as iPhone for that matter. But this time, Samsung has overtaken Apple. Using their [Samsung] Knox platform, the iris recognition works through supplementing the fingerprint sensor. Thus making it as the most secure Samsung, or perhaps any company, has made, according to Independent UK. Samsung is yet to be the first to bring iris scanning into mainstream, though MS Windows Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones have done it before but not as aggressive as the Galaxy Note 7.

Considering the fact that iris recognition is a rare kind of security and ideal for verifying identity, many companies are forging partnership with Samsung such as Bank of America, Citi and US Bank. This new iris scanning technology will work well with the enterprises as it has the capability of securing sensitive data just like a spreadsheet made only for the eyes of the Chief Financial Officer.

However, a report from The Verge said, "Iris scans aren't completely fool-proof - and even Samsung won't say outright that they are more secure than fingerprint scanning." However, as pointed out by some researchers, the human being's irises are random and it makes more difficult for the intruders to forge such pattern.

Up until these days, there are still no reported successful embedded iris recognition technologies even in the government. But looking at how aggressive Samsung is introducing such kind of innovation to the market, iris scanner can be just a normal thing in the near future. 

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