‘Xiaomi’ VR Headset Powered by Google Daydream: Specs, Price and Released Date Announces

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Following the success of its laptop and smartphone launching, 'Xiaomi' has already proven its worth in manufacturing other alternate devices and various products such as air purifiers, bicycles and TV. Today, the tech giant Chinese company is about to launch their Virtual Reality Headset as powered by Google Daydream.

In a recent report from Tech2, the General Manager of Xiaomi Tang Mu has confirmed that "the tech giant smartphone maker is working on a virtual reality (VR) headset. It would becompatible with Daydream and that it would be built to deliver a VR experience optimized for MIUI users".

'Xiaomi' was considered as an unexpected entrant at Google's I/O 2016 and showing intentions of expanding their market. Just a month ago, the company introduced a 4K enabled Mi Box based on Android TV that was well-received by the consumers together with their first laptop Mi Notebook Air that runs with Windows 10. This VR headset powered by Google Daydream is predicted to be able to compete with the best in the coming times.

When it comes to price, a report from Indian Express said, "Since we are talking Xiaomi here, Android headlines claims that Daydream-powered VR headset will be cheap." Though no specific price was announced, everybody assumed that it will come with a much lesser price.

When it comes to compatibility, Xiaomi is deemed to be working on compatible smartphones as Google made it clear during the I/O 2016 that Daydream will be compatible with smartphones but comes with restrictions for hardware.

For the released date, it was revealed in a teaser from Xiaomi's official account that August 1 is the launching date for the new product. If the launching was successfully done on the said date, hence, Xiaomi is the first among the Android manufacturers to introduce such device in the market while other competitors such as Huawei and other manufacturers will be launching Daydream compatible hardware by the year end, as announced. 

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