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‘Pokemon GO’ Tracking Apps Shut Down by Niantic Says It’s Cheating, Pokevision Proprietor in a Revolt


Niantic has already sent a warning to the players even before that they are going to take down the 'Pokemon GO' tracking apps and it seems like the time has come. These tracking apps will allow the player to figure out how to find the rarest pokemon. Poke Radar and Pokevision are among the popular tracking apps being shut down by Niantic.

Before the shutting down, the CEO of Niantic John Hanke told the Forbes in an interview that he was not a fun of such tools and that players might find in the future that those things may not work. Hence, earlier today, Pokevision took to twitter to inform the players that they are respecting Niantic and Nintendo and they will just let the players know for any updates. Yangcheng Liu the proprietor of Pokevision was asked by Forbes if the traffic was still at high volume and he did assure that the traffic is still the same. However, Liu took his rage to twitter saying, "You don't invent Marco Polo, get 80M players to join, then remove the Polo part and expect to keep playing."

Players from murky gray areas will be the most affected of the shutting down of the popular tracker. Unlike in the cities where players can just roam around and find Pokemon anywhere, those lived in far-flung cannot that's why they resulted to Pokevision. With this matter, players are devastated and it means like ruining their lives that they express to boycott playing Pokemon Go and wish for the company to go down to the bottom.

For the meantime, Niantic has been silent over the shutting down of tracking apps. Hanke is right when he said that using tracker apps is a form of cheating and it violates the rules and regulations of Niantic. 

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