'No Man's Sky' News & Release Date: Game Delayed to August; Developer Hello Games Receive Death Threats from Fans [VIDEO]


The anticipated sci-fi survival "No Man's Sky" has been delayed to August of this year instead of the original release date set next month. Game developer Hello Games say that they need to improve on some things on the game. Unfortunately, some gamers and fans are not very happy about it as the company received multiple death threats.

Sony Announces "No Man's Sky for August

The adventure game will be published on August 9 instead of the original date on June 21, Kotaku reported. Gaming outlets have been informed that the "No Man's Sky" release has been delayed and the advertising material for the game in physical outlets should be labeled with "Coming Soon" instead.

Hello Games and Sean Murray Receive Death Threats

Murray posted on his Twitter that he has received numerous death threats from "No Man's Sky" fans and gamers regarding the delay of the open-world game." He was playful about it and even referenced acting like Kevin from "Home Alone" in the guise of defending himself just in case the death threats come to fruition, PC Mag noted.

Sean Murray on "No Man's Sky" Delay

Sean Murray of Hello Games explained on the PlayStation Blog why the adventure game is being delayed to August. Murray explains that he and his team needed to improve some aspects in "No Man's Sky" in order to deliver a game that is worth its salt after years of delay. He adds that the world of the game is extensive like no other and that they are only made up of a small group of people. However, he assures that the game is nearing its completion and humbly apologizes to the fans and followers of the game.

Do you think frustrated fans of the game are overreacting to the delay of "No Man's Sky" by sending threats to the game developers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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