Xbox One News & Update: Major Game Developer Says They Are Making Xbox VR Game For 2017 [RUMORS]


There have been rumors that Microsoft is building an upgraded Xbox One gaming system for 2017. It looks like the speculations are correct as there is a report that confirms one of the major game developers are planning a VR game for that system. They will be showing it next month during the highly awaited gaming convention E3 2016.

Rumored Xbox One 2017 Will Be VR Capable?

Ars Technica reported that there will be a VR game for the Xbox One in 2017. This confirms the rumors that an upgraded gaming system by Microsoft is real. The details of the VR game will be unveiled next month during the E3 2016 convention. The outlet adds that their report is good as true as it was confirmed by a developer and a PR representative directly involved in the E3 2016 staff. The new Xbox One VR game is reportedly made by a European gaming company. Furthermore, there will be a PC and PS4 release of the VR game as well.

Scorpio - Microsoft's Xbox VR-capable Gaming System

The upgraded Xbox One gaming system in question is reportedly called Scorpio, IGN shared. In addition to the new upgraded hardware, the gaming company is also set to release a slightly hardware upgraded gaming system this year. The Xbox One system to be released at the last quarter of the year will allegedly be smaller and more compact than the current gaming system by Microsoft.

Microsoft's biggest console system rival, Sony is also set to release an upgraded version of their own as well. PS4 Neo will reportedly house a more powerful GPU, CPU and have 4K resolution capable of supporting VR gaming, Digital Trends noted.

Are you excited about the new VR game that can be supported through Microsoft's new Xbox One 2017 system? Let us know in your thoughts below.

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