Academic Search Engine metaBUS Coming June 2; Research Findings Now Easier to Find! [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

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The metaBUS was created with the intention of helping researchers and scientist find published findings more easily online. Researchers can use the MetaBUS starting June 2 and will be unveiled in the University of Calgary, next month.

MetaBUS Opens a World of New Possibilities and Efficiency

As a project, metaBUS garnered the 2013 Digging into Data Challenge award. It is developed by the University of Calgary, North Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and Virginia Commonwealth University, according to Researchers from all over the world can use metaBUS to search for published research findings instantly. According to the developers, the metaBUS contains almost a million journal research findings in organizational psychology and human resources that have existed since the 1980s.

The MetaBUS got its name according to how the developers created it - by classifying metadata and digitally curating it with appropriate keywords and search terms. Any article that is linked with the keywords can be accessed by the user. This makes it easier for researchers to determine what topic has already been studied and focus on what has not been examined.

According to the metaBUS Portal, access to the database will be free for registered users. Researchers will be able to find vast published research findings even those that are on subscription. For those who want to attend the launch party on June 2, they will need to register online. Lucky goers may even have the opportunity to meet the founders of metaBUS.

MetaBUS Aims at Making Research Findings More Open to the Public

MetaBUS co-founder, Krista Uggerslev from NAIT says in a press release that they hope their work in the academic search engine hopes will help the general public, business leaders and policy makers understand public research findings better.

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