College, University Education Alternative: Career and Technical Education Could Be an Option


With the issues and struggles in the US higher education system, it's no wonder that some would-be college or university students are looking for alternative education. High school graduates may find Career and Technical Education (CTE) a suitable option if they find four-year college education too expensive or simply not worth it.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Opens Up a Range of Opportunities

For those looking for an alternative to a common four-year college course, may find career and technical education suitable. Most high school students in CTE have higher graduation rates than others, US News and World Report shared. CTE only requires a high school certificate and they can graduate from the program with an associate degree.

The Evolving Pace of Career and Technical Education

CTE was formerly called vocational education and students are prepared by giving them access and technical know-how on skilled and career-oriented positions. CTE is evolving as it is no longer thought of as a path for people who did not want to go to college. In fact, CTE has been using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education for years and people have taken notice of it.

Students who are looking to engage in in-demand and academic careers in architecture, culinary arts, engineering, fashion design, healthcare, robotics, veterinary medicine, agriculture, construction and more may take their courses in CTE. Career and technical education can be availed as early as middle school and in high school. College-age students and even undergraduates can avail CTE through community colleges, certification programs and postsecondary institutions, according to The Glossary of Education Reform.

Why CTE is Needed for Students with Current Job Market in the US

In the reality of today's job market in the US, students need an alternative pathway to secure employment. CTE forges that path by preparing kids with technical skills, experience and real-world know-how, NPR reported. The evolved CTE pathway is aiming to train students to cater to industry demands and workforce that the US is in dire need of.

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