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Animal Rights Group Cover Themselves in Blood and "Human Meat" Packaging to Protest Barcelona Meat Consumption [VIDEO]


This weekend an animal rights group in Barcelona held an unforgettable kind of demonstration that involved nudity, "human meat" packaging and lots of fake blood. 20 AnimaNaturalis protesters stripped down naked at St. Jaume Plaza and have themselves fashioned in a way that fresh meat is packaged in supermarkets, with cling film and fake blood to add a touch of drama.

Barcelona: Vegan-Friendly City With No Meatless Day?

The demonstration was apparently in protest against the Barcelona government for not making good of their word declaring the area being the world's first "vegan-friendly" city. It has been two months since the pledge was announced and AnimaNaturalis felt that there has been no visible implementation yet. They hope that the authorities allot one day of meatless eating like the global initiative led by Paul McCartney, Newsweek reported.

Dramatic and Bloody Meat Protest

AnimaNaturalis' protest garnered them a lot of attention. Basically, the protesters had themselves packaged like "human meat." Upon disrobing and in the nude, they get inside a large square tray, have fake blood poured over them and another one places the cling wrap with the words "carne humana" or human meat. The 20 activists in their "human meat" packaging proceeded to be displayed on the Barcelona plaza.

AnimaNaturalis shared that their protest aims to promote awareness of the pitfalls meat consumption and the process to produce it, Daily Mail noted.The group also stated that they do not agree with how meat is produced from animals and how this is harmful for the environment. Furthermore, people should be given an alternative eating option that does not involve meat, animal exploitation or suffering.

What is your stance on meat consumption and veganism? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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