Baylor University President Ken Starr Too Focused on Football to Handle Reports of Sexual Assault?


Baylor University President and Chancellor Ken Starr could be fired from the Texas university. He is accused of apparently keeping mum over reports of sexual assault the school, including some from the football team. Could his focus on the school's football team kept him from his duties? 

Baylor University Sexual Assault Scandal in the Football Team

Baylor University football defensive Tevin Elliot was convicted and arrested for raping a fellow student near the campus, Dallas News reported. Another lawsuit for the football team's coach and athletic director was filed saying they knew Elliot was guilty of sexually assaulting another woman. Furthermore, the woman added that Baylor University did not investigate the matter nor offered any form of emotional reprieve or any type of support.

As the arrest made headlines, more victims stepped up by sharing their stories and experiences. One woman was physically assaulted and another was sexually assaulted, all by football players. While the football scandal reports were made public, the Baylor University President was silent. Additionally, Starr's administration has failed to respond appropriately to the sexual assault reports in direct violation of Title IX.

Baylor University and Ken Starr Still Under Investigation

Baylor University's board of regents is still awaiting the findings of an independent investigator, The Washington Post noted. This refutes all claims that Ken Starr has been removed from his position. The decision will be announced by June 3.

Ken Starr, Former Federal Court of Appeals Judge

Ken Starr was once known to be the federal judge who looked into the sexual relationship of then President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky, Fox News noted. Starr is also known as an avid football fan and took pride in Baylor University's football program until the sexual assault reports broke out.

Do you think Ken Starr should be ousted from his position at Baylor University? Was he too focused on building the school's football program that he was willing to overlook the sexual assault scandals made by the players? Leave a comment below to discuss.

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