Google I/O 2016 Updates: Google Plans Integration With Facebook’s Messenger & WhatsApp, Tencent’s WeChat In ‘Chat Bots’


Google launched Spaces, a new app to help some groups in sharing articles, images and videos. But it was just a sample from Google's grander messaging ambitions which has been doing a swing in the news lately and reported to launch at Google I/O 2016. The tech giant is allegedly working on a messaging app patterned to WhatsApp which integrates a chat bot. Chat bots are the central theme of Microsoft's and Facebook's recently concluded developer conferences.

Reports that Google was working on a way for people to use its smartphone messenger to chat with businesses have spread for months. Recently more details about the teach giant's messaging attempt got leaked and that it is scheduled to discuss the chat bot venture at its annual I/O developer conference starting on Wednesday. According to USA Today, Google has declined to comment on the matter.

Basically, Google wanted to enter the bot-making business roughly larger than what people think realized and wait until I/O. Relying on its artificial intelligence strength, Google positively anticipate convincing developers to utilize its tools, the USA Today cited.

The Wall Street Journal reported last year that Google was planning to integrate an interactive software, the chat bots, powered by artificial intelligence which would answer questions internally in messaging app. The journal added that Google would probably allow developers to put up chat bots to work on the service. Nick Fox, a Google veteran leads is expected to lead the project.

With this technology, the users send template questions to the bot and get the answer for them without requiring to leave the app itself. At some point, it is similar to the ideas behind Google's recently released Gboard keyboard for iOS, Facebook's Messengera and WhatsApp and the most popular messaging app in China, WeChat.

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