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Hyperloop One Tests First Public Run Of High-Speed Transport Propulsion System: A Peek To Future Of Speed Transportation! [VIDEO]


The Hyperloop One, aside from changing its name from Hyperloop Technologies last Wednesday, had been running series of tests in the Nevada desert for around six months to build the first real exhibition of Elon Musk's idea of the future, the supersonic speed system for shooting passengers passing through steel vacuum tubes at 700 mph.

During the test, according to The Guardian report, a large aluminum sleigh that blasted along a trail reaching a maximum speed of 100 mph and accelerating with 2.4 g-force, pushing it from zero to 60 mph in a quick 1.1 seconds. Before it was slowed down by a sand bank, it went for about 1,000 feet then came to a full stop. It smoothly glided in the quiet. In just about two seconds, the test was over and everyone was awed.

The Nevada test, by which the sled accelerated to 116 mph in 1.1 seconds, signifies the earliest proof of concept. However, there are an enormous number of impediments that Hyperloop developers have to pay attention if this technology will come into fruition. The first people to peek on the futuristic mechanical endeavor where a group of government officials from all over the world, esteemed investors, invited journalists and Hyperloop One employees, the report added.

Evidently, Musk's ambitious dream of futuristic San Francisco to LA ride in 35 minutes has still a long journey to track. But it has begun and the sight is becoming clearer. While the spectators who gazed from bleachers got to witness what could or could not happen in the future of transportation, The Guardian reported.

Another fun fact according to Forbes, hyperloop's first public test was held in an open air and was strictly designed showcasing the basics of the propulsion system: "active stator" coils that line up the track and reacts with magnets on the sled to ram it forward. The finale of Hyperloop system is likely to be vacuum-sealed within a giant tube to lessen air pull.

Here are some actual footage of the speedtest:

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