Chrome OS-Android Merger At Google I/O 2016: Together At Last [SPECULATION]


Since last month, Tech news had provided strong indications that Google is taking its Google Play Store, Android-based, to Chromebooks. This move is expected to leap a big change in the OS game. Execrators gear up to Google I/O 2016 to see more of the rumors turning into reality amid strong indications from every corner of the tech community.

According to Ars Technica, Android would need a brand new interface to function on a PC with a mouse and keyboard, just as it has a brand new interface for cars, televisions and watches. We saw what seems like the beginnings of this with the floating window mode of Android N, a feature that is hidden and incomplete in the recent Android N Developer Preview. Possibly Google I/O could be the announcement venue for the multi-window feature or for the entire Android-on-PCs strategy.

There are other issues like Android substituting Chrome OS is that the simplicity of Chrome makes it easy to manage and secure. Any version of Android meant to replace Chrome OS would have to address this market, Ars Technica added.

Meanwhile, Wall Street Journal report pointed out a release date of 2017, where the early version arriving later this 2016. Google I/O is the place where big Google demo happens, so here we could expect a demo of the desktop version. This preview will certainly be something to keep watch for in the coming Google I/O.

At Google I/O 2016, Google would surely wish to get feedbacks from developers on a major interface introduction like this. There would also be lots of new APIs to have a discussion of. They alphabet subsidiary could also explain why a random March release for Android N happened because Google would not like to overwhelm everybody by introducing both Android N and launching a new desktop interface, a possible replacement of Chrome OS, Wall Street Journal added.

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