Google 'Artificial Intelligence' Free Update: Google Introduces 'Parsey McParseface' As Open Source Natural Language AI Tool [VIDEO]


Google brings Artificial Intelligence study to a whole new level with Parsey McParseface. It is software that aids computers comprehend human speech and text. This parser software, called SyntaxNet, tears down sentences into components to understand better.

On Thursday, SyntaxNet became free software so anyone can access and use it for free and modify it however they want. This is massive milestone to AI developers trying to obtain computers to develop natural language.

The science of Artificial intelligence aims computer to think more like humans. This area has become the major interest for tech companies in recent years. While it is secretly studied and often mysterious quest, AI occasionally breaks open into public. Last March, Google's DeepMind software scored a significant win against a human champ in the complex game of Go which was considered to be one of the most difficult challenges for a computer, CNET told.

SyntaxNet algorithm which is claimed as the most accurate of its kind yet, was shaped using a neural networking system that has been available on GitHub. Alphabet Inc. intends that this input will ease the expansion of virtual assistants study and other modern applications that hold a lot of human-generated information. The move will also bolster its place in the open-source machine community which has materialized as a key focus area for the web-scale traffic, Silicon Angle said.

Meanwhile, according to Hot Hardware, Parsey McParseface improves individual reliance between words with over 94 percent accuracy. When the device started training under humans its accuracy reached about 96 percent to 97 percent. McParseface attains just a little over 90 percent of parse accuracy when receiving sentences coming straight from the Internet. On the downside, McParseface remains struggling with prepositional phrase add-ons and meanings with deep context. 

You may get the SyntaxNet code here and download for free the Parsey McParseface parser model. To know more about this technology, watch the video below:


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