'Nintendo Wii U Edition 2016': 'Super Mario', 'Minecraft Exclusive Mash-Up', Free Updates Coming Next Week [VIDEO]


"Minecraft: Wii U Edition's Mario Mash-up" pack has a free update coming this week. This collaborative work among Nintendo, Mojang and 4J Studios is setting a new milestone for having the most IP integration in a third party game according to Senior Manager Damon Baker of Nintendo's third party relations who has lots of experience dealing with developers on exceptional collaborations.

Gamers may describe the Super Mario Mash-up pack as a skin pack for Minecraft Wii U: Edition but that is a bit less for the description. The players are given tools to build whatever they like in Mojang's popular sandbox game like the colorful new skins and blocks. Additionally developer 4J Studio did just that by putting up a hub world for the popular Nintendo mascot, Baker said to IGN.

Players can customize their characters using armor packs and quickly dressed the purple creature in a Frog ensemble from Super Mario Bros. 3. Meanwhile, some fans may not believe this but it is part of the anything-goes magic of Minecraft. Baker assures IGN that Minecraft's base gameplay has not changed.


Baker told IGN, there are 40 Mario-themed skins which the gamers will find and may use to dress up the characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. The item textures and other world dimensions are redone to allow players customize their own Super Mario-themed sites. The enemies also gained make over, they updated the wolves into Poochy while the sheep into Koopas.


Fifteen pieces of background music from Super Mario 64 has also been licensed by Nintendo.


Gamers may run through the streets of Delfino Plaza or explore a re-created adaptation of Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64. Hanging in the Desert stage is the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 while the classic power-ups like the Fire Flower or Super Mushroom can be seen in the distance. There are also full 3D edifices dedicated to iconic characters. 


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