813-Carat Rough Diamond Hits Record-Breaking $63M Sale, Becomes World’s Most Expensive Diamond [VIDEO]

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The massive 813-carat rough diamond's sale boosted above the expected auction target and became the world's most expensive diamond overnight. The gemstone was purchased by Nemesis International DMCC of Dubai. Lucara's majestic gemstone has been named "The Constellation," which definitely bore an impressive impact to do with its astronomical size, in adding up to its very high price.

Another 10 percent interest would be retained to Lucara when the resulting diamonds will be polished from the rough. The sale of the Constellation comes almost a semester after it was discovered in Lucara's Karowe mine in African nation of Botswana. The discovery of the diamond was so noteworthy that Lucara had to host a conference call, Fortuned reported.

A day before the founding of the Constellation was, Lucara announced that it discovered a yet bigger, 1,109-carat diamond which was called, "Lesedi La Rona." This diamond is predicted to go on auction at Sotheby's  BID (4.22 percent) in London on June 29.

Meanwhile,the record-breaking sale is probable to ramp up assumption on how much a second Lucara diamond, the Lesedi La Rona, could fare at  the auction next month. This gemstone was sourced from the same mine, becomes the second biggest diamond discovery at 1,109-carat next to "Cullinan Diamond," the 3,106-carat first star of South Africa in 1905, the report added.

The Lesedi La Rona is roughly as the size of a tennis ball and is expected to rake at least $70 million this June 29. The huge size of the gem made it hard to fit the basic scanners used to appraise the stone's value, said David Bennett of Sotheby's, which will conduct the sale.

Now here is a video showing the next stone to be auctioned in June, the "Lesedi La Rona:"


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