NVIDIA 'Ansel' Launces World's First In-Game Photography, Brings 360 Degree Image Capture To Gamers [VIDEO]


Gamers who love to take striking screenshots, who are constrained to extremely limited image capture tools can now get the perfect shot through NVIDIA's "Ansel", world's first in-game capture tool. Ansel lets users to freeze time. This game capture tool will also allow the personalization of your shots from any angle and the privilege to adjust the image with easy-process filters. Not only that, the images may be captured at an unbelievable resolutions, grab EXR images for full-spectrum color shots and it also avails its user to share the screenshots in 360 degrees panoramas through smartphone, PC and VR headset.

This is a surprising new addition to the company's roster of graphics technologies. He also talked about a new form of artwork that has been emerging in the gaming community. Many digital artists have made an accomplishment under their names by capturing incredible images of scenes from video game, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed.


However, some of these artists are able to capture such photography only when they have entrée to custom builds of games, allowing them to change camera spots and other options. Huang said that he wanted these features to be accessible to everyone, which is why, NVIDIA created Ansel.

Ansel is an in-game 3D camera system that allows you capture anything your eyes fancy, through the control of a digital camera. Ansel features a Free Camera, which provides you free control over the camera's position and movement against the standard in-game perspective. Ansel also permits the filter application with customization options to your images that provides a different feel to your screenshots, according to Tom's Hardware.

Here's a video clip to the report:


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