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Vizio Inc. Offers Insane Deals For M-Series; New Version Nears Release [VIDEO]


Sony, Samsung and LG have already released details of their latest offerings. Their new televisions introduce two new technology to the telly industry: Wide Color Gamut and Dynamic Range (HDR). TV world moves faster than ever, these elements are being forged to produce Ultra HD Premium. Catching up with the trend is equivalent to huge amount of hard-earned money.

On the otherhand, Vizio will keep its enthusiasts in waiting all throughout spring and summer before it rolls out thei newest line of units included in the 2016 M-Series. Now there's good news, Vizio's 2015 M-Series remains an outstanding choice for TV seekers. This is the top-notched M-Series 2015 version with 4K resolution pitched at its lowest price.

This 80-inch and 75-inch options are elusive catch, but the 70-inch model is available online for $1865, while both the 65- and 60-inch models are on sale for just $1500 and $1160, respectively. If the performances of these models are compared from the rival TV 2015 model, huge difference will show on their price tags.

Talking about 2015 M-series', the line features a full-array local dimming backlight systems. These displays offer even brightness of screen and notable black levels with least halo upshot powered by 32 separately controlled zones of LEDs found in a grid at the back of LCD panel. In short, these are TVs with superb picture quality and Ultra HD resolution that's very compatible to a 55-inch for usual viewing experience.

For buyers' consideration, there is a catch on flick, the 2015 models conferred here have that reviled smart TV system. But a 4K streaming set-top box like the Roku or Amazon Fire TV is a better choice from both a user boundary and content viewpoint.

Now if you like to be on the extreme corner of video tech, Samsung's K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is well-matched with Vizio's 2015 M-series. HDMI input 5 will be the access source because it's the only part equipped to host HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0a, protocols required by Samsung.

M-series' upscaling is also remarkable. These 1080p sources will look more improved than they would on a similarly sized 1080p television. The other catch is that these TV versions are in high demand. Weeks ago, the 80-inch and 75-inch models were still on sale but now they are declared out-of-stock.

Watch the video to know more about Vizio M-Series 2015:

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